Play fun flash games online

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Most flash games you find online are really poorly designed. They are made with game design software, which is why so many of them are so similar. However, there are some real gems nestled in the online fluff. Some of them become apps, and some of them are forgotten. Here are a few you may want to try:

Cargo Bridge 2

The developers have pretty much given up on this game. They spent a lot of money making the first three levels, but it didn’t turn much of a profit so they stopped. It is a shame because the game is dynamic and allows you to play the game a lot of different ways and it very repayable. It is also very addictive because there is more than one way to complete the level. You can make the game easy and work with solid construction principles, or you can jam bits of wood together and hope it holds as you send your men across to deliver the boxes and heavy items.

Crush the castle player’s pack

Yes, it is an Angry Birds rip off, but it is a very good effort that has clearly had a lot of work put into it. Plus, the dynamic is a little different, and there is nothing wrong with trying things from a different angle since the developers made a concerted effort to make a good game. Instead of aiming, you have to decide at what point to release the bolder. It adds an element of luck into the game, but they also give you three boulders per shot so you have three chances to hit the target.

Awesome Tanks

It may look like a primitive game, but get onto level three and it becomes murderously addictive. It is even more addictive when you realize you can go back to previous levels, take the money from those levels and then use that money to level up your weapons for the later levels. It is addictive in a big way, especially if you want to get each level perfect and get all the gold you can possibly get.