What is Rakeback Poker?

To explain what rakeback is players need to understand the term rake. Poker rooms have long used a rake in order to gain a little extra money from the players. A rake is simply a small percentage of the amount bet on each poker hand, usually between 2 and 10%, which is taken by the poker room or casino as a fee. This is how poker rooms make their money and stay afloat and most players don’t even notice that it is happening. In other words, as players are usually betting against themselves rather than the house, the rake is considered to be similar to an entry fee and payment to the poker room or site for setting up and hosting the game.

Different sites and rooms take different amounts so players should be checking this when starting on a new site. This may not seem so important to the new player but rake can build up over time as the hands are played through. Many players will make this amount back in their winnings but it is something that should be thought about during play. A way to combat this is to find a site that offers rakeback. Rakeback is quite often offered as part of a VIP or loyalty program and can help players garner back some of what they have lost through rake. Again this is something that should be checked when finding a new playing site.

Other ways to combat rake is by earning more points and by avoiding rake charges. This can be achieved by playing at more tables or playing more hands. However, playing more tables can result in more losses rather than simply joining a VIP program. Read more here.

Sites offer different types of raking systems and not all sites will even collect a rake so as mentioned, players need to do their research before settling on a poker room.